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My top time-saving baking tip

Stop wasting paper

One of my bugs to bear when baking is the time and fiddle involved when cutting out baking paper into circles to fit a cake tin. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to throw away baking paper after a mistake and don't even get me started on the waste involved with all the little off-cuts.

In the interest of cutting back on waste, time and effort (and of course I care about the environment), I set out to find a simple, reusable alternative.

The solution - reusable baking liners

I found Bake-Glide non-stick baking liners at a baking conference - they're a game changer. They're re-usable; washable in the dish-washer and they save a lot of time and waste.

I'd recommend you give these a try. You'll find them online at

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